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ATEM-Tally-Camera-Light Part 2 of a RFM69-based BlackMagic ATEM Tally Light system - On Camera Light
ATEM-Tally-SDI Part 1 of a RFM69-based BlackMagic ATEM Tally Light system - ATEM SDI Interface
Adapter-CMRI8-RJ45 Adapter-CMRI8-RJ45-Graphic.png CMRI Breakout8 Adapter RJ45 to 0.100, 3.5mm and 0.156 Molex
Adapter-IO4-Breakout Adapter-IO4-Breakout-Graphic.png RJ12/6 breakout board, inline IO4-IO4 probe
Adapter-IOX-test 1.0/ MRCS IOX-16 Test Fixture
Adapter-RJ45-SignalHead Adapter-RJ45-SignalHead-Graphic.png RJ45/8 breakout board, for driving signal heads from IOB-Signal
Brakeman Lit.jpg An electronic DCC-track-driven figurine with a red or blue LED
Bunza_DCC_Decoder_3PJ 3PJ/ GBunza DCC Decoder v3PJ
CAN-Bus-Interface CAN-Bus-Interface-Graphic.png CAN Bus driver for OpenLCB
CMRI-Bus-Interface-L CMRI-Bus-Interface-L-Graphic.png RS422/485 driver for CMRI-Net - large 3" Tyco rail size
CP_Watsonville_Mid-Model Model Board for CP Watsonville Middle yard - Maintainer Sevice Panel
CP_Watsonville_South-Model Model Board for CP Watsonville South - Maintainer Sevice Panel
Core-ESP32 Core-ESP32-Graphic.png Core Field Unit Processor board using an ESP32 Dev Board with Wifi, BLE and a small OLED screen
Core-Locobuffer Core-Locobuffer-Graphic.png Standalone "locobuffer-style" Loconet interface with I2C expandability using the USB capability of an Arduino Pro Micro
Core-ProMini Core-ProMini-Graphic.png IO4-based Arduino ProMini baseboard
Core-Wemos Core-Wemos-Graphic.png IO4-based ESP8266 Wemos D1 Core Field Processor board with WiFi and I2C
I2C-7313-cTc I2C MAX7313-based IO Expander cTc Wiring Harness
I2C-AD4DA I2C-AD4DA-LightUI-V3-Graphic.png I2C 4x A/D 1x D/A I/O expander based on a PCF8591T
I2C-Codeline-Matrix I2C-Codeline-Matrix-Graphic.png I2C Slave - Codeline Matrix - DFRobot ProMini with 2x 8x8 LED Matrixes for displaying CodeLine packet content
I2C-SignalTestJig 1.0/ Test Jig for simple signal panels
IO4-DCC-Booster 3.1/ IO4 DCC Booster
IO4-IR-Detector-Active-Fingers IO4-IR-Detector-Active-Fingers-Graphic.png Active IR Detector subassemblies made to look like N or HO scale ties.
IO4-IR-Detector-Active-Mount IO4-IR-Detector-Active-Mount-Graphic.png Mounting adapter for active IR detector remote sensor
IO4-IR-Detector-Active IO4-IR-Detector-Active-Graphic.png IO4 Quad IR Occupancy Detector
IO4-IR-Detector-GBunza-Fingers IO4-IR-Detector-GBunza-Fingers-Graphic.png IR Detector subassemblies made to look like N or HO scale ties.
IO4-IR-Detector-GBunza IO4-IR-Detector-GBunza-Graphic.png IO4 Quad Optical/IR Detector baseboard
IO4-LED-Strip-Driver   PWM Driver board for high current LED strips
IO4-QuadAnalogSwitch Quad Analog switch - 16 inputs to 4 A/D lines
IO4-QuadOD QuadOD-Graphic.png IO4 Quad Detector for DCCOD and CPod detector cards - hardwired, IO4 or WeMos/WiFi connected
IO4-SignalDriver-Small IO4-SignalDriver-Small-Graphic.png IO4 Output adapter driver for a 2-head signal mast
IO4-SignalDriver 2.0/ IO4 Output adapter driver for a 2-head signal mast
IO4-Turtle IO4-Turtle-Graphic.png IO4 Tortoise driver with occupancy and point position feedback
IOB-Adapter-Minimal 1.0/ IOB Adapter - minimal pass through
IOB-Baseboard IOB-Baseboard-Graphic.png IOB Baseboard - wiring termination and I2C / Power bus management
IOB-I2C-MAX731x IOB-I2C-MAX731x-Graphic.png IOB I2C MAX7311/7318 based IO Expander
IOB-I2C-MCP23017 IOB-I2C-MCP23017-Graphic.png IOB I2C MCP23017 based IO Expander
IOB-I2C-PCA9685-PWM 1.0/ IOB I2C PCA9685 PWN driver
LocoShield LocoShield-Graphic.png An electrical interface to Digitrax Loconet
MRCS-12v-power-block 1.0/ Power distribution block for cTc controlled locked turnouts
MRCS-ATSN 0.5/ Dispatcher/Operator Telephone board / Electronic Speech Telephone Network board (ASTN)
MRCS-Adapter-RJ11 1.0/ MRCS - RJ modular Headset connector breakout board
MRCS-BBProMini A ProMini in a BBLeo form factor for use on MRCS cpNode
MRCS-Candlestick-Base 1.0/ Wiring base for MRCS-Candlestick-Mic electret carbon mic replacement
MRCS-Candlestick-Mic 1.0/ An electret replacement for a telephone headset carbon mic
MRCS-MSS-Detector-Crossover 1.0/ Modular Signaling System Crossover board cpOD-M
MRCS-Morse-Code-Buzzer 3.0-4-g8f284be/ Morse Code Buzzer Board
MRCS-Optical-Detector 1.1/ Ambiant light optical detector based on GBunza DAPD with Chubb style hysteresis
MRCS-PCR-Clinic 1.0/ MRCS-PCR-Clinic
MRCS-RelayBreakout 1.0/ Breakout for OMRON style DPDT relay
MRCS-cpNode-ProMini Arduino ProMini based CMRI node in 2.71" form
MRCS-cpNode-Wemos 5.0/ cpNode (2.7" Tyco Rail) processor for MRCS CMRI applications
MRCS-cpNode Arduino based CMRI node
MRCS-odTester 2.1/ A simple bench test board for Chubb\'s DCC-OD and MRCS\' cpOD detectors.
OBS-buttons-buttons Buttons Board for Arduino Keyboard Box
OBS-buttons-panel Panel for Arduino Keyboard Box
OBS-buttons-processor Processor Board for Arduino Keyboard Box
PCR-Badge-2015 1.0/ PCR-Badge-2015
RFID-RC522-Wemos RFID-RC522-Wemos-Graphic.png RFID reader based on RC522 module with Wemos and LCD
SVL-AuxiliaryPower 3.0/ SVL Aux Power - local distribution panel
ShowMeShield 1.5/ Arduino IO pin LEDs on wings
SignalMast-ColorLight-DualHead SignalMast-ColorLight-DualHead-Graphic.png Low cost Signal Mast - single high head Color Light - N scale
SignalMast-ColorLight-Dwarf SignalMast-ColorLight-Dwarf-Graphic.png Low cost Signal Mast - single high head 3-lamp Color Light - N scale
SignalMast-ColorLight-SingleHead SignalMast-ColorLight-SingleHead-Graphic.png Low cost Signal Mast - single high head ColorLight - N scale
SignalMast-Searchlight-SingleHead 1.0/ Low cost Signal Mast - single high head Searchlight - N scale

Obsolete Projects

(23 projects)

AD4DA-LightUI AD4DA-LightUI-Graphic.png 4x slide potentiometers for use with I2C-AD4DA.
CMRI-Bus-Interface CMRI-Bus-Interface-Graphic.png RS422/485 driver for CMRI-Net
I2C-23017 1.0/ MCP23017 IO Expander with 4x IOB daughterboard connections
I2C-7311 I2C-7311-Graphic.png I2C MAX7311/7312-based IO Expander with 4x IOB daughterboard connections
I2C-8574-cTc 3.0/ I2C PCF8574-based IO Expander cTc Wiring Harness
I2C-8574 I2C-8574-Graphic.png I2C PCF8474-based IO Expander with 4x IOB daughterboard connections
I2C-9555 3.0/ I2C PCF8474-based IO Expander with 4x IO4 connections
I2C-9685-PWM   I2C 16 channel PWM Driver based on a PCA9685
I2C-Expander 1.0/ I2C PCF9555 / or / MCP23017 -based IO Expander with 4x IOB connections
I2C-LEDStripDriver I2C-LEDStripDriver-Graphic.png WiFi/I2C LED Strip Driver based on a PCA9685
IO4-Codeline-Matrix IO4-Codeline-Matrix-Graphic.png IO4 interface for 2x LED Matrix displays (not for I2C expander ports)
IOB-Inputs IOB-Inputs-Graphic.png IOB interface provides 1x IO4 port with 4x Input i/o lines.
IOB-LED-Monitor IOB-LED-Monitor-Graphic.png IOB LED Monitor daughterboard
IOB-Outputs IOB-Outputs-Graphic.png IOB Interface provides 1x IO4 port with 4x open drain output i/o lines.
IOB-RR-CirKits 1.0/ IOB Interface with an 8-bit RR-CirKits-style 2x5 (10-pin) ribbon cable connector
IOB-Signal IOB-Signal-Graphic.png IOB Interface drives 2x Signal Heads via a RJ45/8 connector.
IOB-Turtle IOB-Turtle-Graphic.png IOB Interface provides 1x IO4 port for connection to an IO4-Turtle
IOB-Generic 2.1/ IOB interface provides 1x IO4 port with 4x generic (hardwired) Input or Output i/o lines.
Loconet-QuadOD Loconet-QuadOD-Graphic.png LocoNet Quad Detector baseboard
RailroadShield 2.5/ Arduino shield with various DCC Cab Bus and control interfaces
RealSignalDemonstrator 1.0/ Schematic for discrete wiring of a railroad signal head using an ATTiny and relays
SVL-Light-It-Base 1.0/ SVL-Light-It-Base
TechWomen Yellow/ TechWomen STEM board

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