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Bunza_DCC_Decoder_3PJ Page GBunza DCC Decoder v3PJ
CMRI-Bus-Interface-L Page RS422/485 driver for CMRI-Net - large 3" Tyco rail size
MRCS-12v-power-block Page Power distribution block for cTc controlled locked turnouts
MRCS-ATSN Page Dispatcher/Operator Telephone board / Electronic Speech Telephone Network board (ASTN)
MRCS-Adapter-RJ11 Page MRCS - RJ modular Headset connector breakout board
MRCS-BBProMini Page A ProMini in a BBLeo form factor for use on MRCS cpNode
MRCS-Candlestick-Base Page Wiring base for MRCS-Candlestick-Mic electret carbon mic replacement
MRCS-Candlestick-Mic Page An electret replacement for a telephone headset carbon mic
MRCS-MSS-Detector-Crossover Page Modular Signaling System Crossover board cpOD-M
MRCS-Morse-Code-Buzzer Page Morse Code Buzzer Board
MRCS-Optical-Detector Page Ambiant light optical detector based on GBunza DAPD with Chubb style hysteresis
MRCS-PCR-Clinic Page MRCS-PCR-Clinic
MRCS-RelayBreakout Page Breakout for OMRON style DPDT relay
MRCS-cpNode-ProMini Page Arduino ProMini based CMRI node in 2.71" form
MRCS-cpNode-Wemos Page cpNode (2.7" Tyco Rail) processor for MRCS CMRI applications
MRCS-cpNode Page Arduino based CMRI node
MRCS-odTester Page A simple bench test board for Chubb\'s DCC-OD and MRCS\' cpOD detectors.
MRCS_cpNode_kernel Page MRCS cpNode CMRI Kernel sketch