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Test Jig for simple signal panels



I2C-SignalTestJig Version 1.0

Not built

An I2C slave board that drives 6x signal head drivers (effectively 3x IOB-Signal circuits) in a form factor that mimics the panelization spacing of the simple signal boards. This allows bulk testing after fabrication of an entire board in 2 (or 4) operations

  • align a board with the pogo pins
  • press down on pins
  • observe the correct operation of the heads
    • mark any defective units
  • move panel to next set of contacts & repeat

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Download I2C-SignalTestJig.gerbers.zip - Gerber Fabrication files
Download I2C-SignalTestJig.parts - Parts List (spreadsheet data)



Parts Value Package Quantity Library Type/Feeder
C1, C2, C3 0.1UF 0603-CAP 3x SPCoast 19
SCL, SDA 0.100 1X02_LOCK 2x SPCoast PTH
CON1, CON2, CON3, CON4, CON5, CON6 0.100 1X04_LOCK 6x SPCoast PTH
R1, R2, R4, R5, R7, R8, R10, R11, R13, R14, R16, R17 1K0 0603-RES 12x SPCoast 41
R19, R20, R21, R22 2k2 0603-RES 4x SPCoast 42
R26, R27 4k7 0603-RES 2x SPCoast NONE
R23, R24, R25 10K 0603-RES 3x SPCoast 46
IC1, IC2, IC3 74LS139D SO16 3x SPCoast NONE
R3, R6, R9, R12, R15, R18 470R 0603-RES 6x SPCoast 40
LED3 G 0603-LED 1x SPCoast 3
CON7, CON8 I2C I2C-L 2x SPCoast PTH
IC4 MCP23017SO SO28W 1x SPCoast NONE
LED1 R 0603-LED 1x SPCoast 1
SW1 SPST-MOM 4P-PTH-6.0X6.0X5.0H 1x SPCoast PTH
SW2 SPSTx4 EDG-04 1x SPCoast PTH
LED2 Y 0603-LED 1x SPCoast 2

This technical documentation is licensed under the CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2