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  • John Plocher is a senior software architect and engineer with a passion for UNIX systems-level architecture, open source development, process design and model train electronics.
  • While at Sun for almost 20 years, John worked directly for senior executives on key corporate programs, led architectural governance efforts, mentored development teams on a global basis, evangelized developers and stakeholders to build cross-company strategy efforts, managed development teams and created tools to support knowledge sharing and product development risk assessment.
  • At Huawei, John developed large scale object and block based storage services, earned copious frequent flyer miles and developed a love for Shenzhen's Electronics Markets
  • John is currently a cloud storage architect at Seagate, in the Cloud Srorage and Services business unit.
  • John was elected twice to the OpenSolaris Governing Board; he also has served on the boards of SMUM, a local neighborhood food, education and resource center and SVL, a high tech model railroad club.